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                                                      References Available Upon Request

Leasing - With decades of experience we are aggressive and knowledgeable leasing agents who are highly motivated to lease up your property.  Our goals are to get you the best offers and quick results. We strive for repeat business which comes through your satisfaction with our services.

Management- As managers we obtain multiple competitive bids for repairs and maintenance and oversee completion of construction and maintenance jobs to ensure a clean and well maintained property. We have a great rapport with a large database of licensed and insured service contractors and vendors to draw from. And we have decades of experience to make sure the job was done right and that lien waivers and warranties are obtained upon completion.

Inspections- No high heels Here. Often times our job is dirty, and requires treading around properties wearing boots. When needed we are not afraid to get our hands dirty, and we will dig in the dirt and cob webs to read water meters, inspect backflows and FACPs, pick up trash, inspect for leaks, inspect roofs, inspect construction sites, check light meter and irrigation settings...and the like. We do whatever it takes, because that is our job. Regular and Frequent Property Inspections mean we will catch issues before they escalate, before they cost you money or before they become liabilities. We believe in meeting and overseeing vendors while they are completing a job. Through years of doing this we have educated ourselves on the equipment and construction of properties which better equips us for efficient problem solving.  

Reporting- As communication experts we report to our Landlords regularly to keep them informed and keep them worry free. You will receive regular updates and pictures from us so that you know that we are on top of things and can rest in good hands. We also believe that excellent communication is key with Vendors and Tenants as well. When handling accounting needs we provide wide variety of reports from our accounting and management software Yardi Genesis II .

Accounting and Lease Tracking- We can handle all of your accounting needs. We use Yardi cloud based property management software for all of your rent collection, property accounting and Lease tracking needs. We can produce a wide range of easy to read reports to suit any Landlord’s and Tenants needs. 

Rent Collections- We can bill the tenants for monthly rents and collect on them. Our diligent goal is to collect all rents when they are due and have no delinquents. We play collection agent when needed to ensure that all rents are paid timely. 

Construction and Government- With decades of ground up construction experience we understand building construction and architectural and civil drawings. We understand how to find the location of certain equipment and how it may effect certain maintenance issues. Knowing how to sleuth the source of problems means solving issues quickly and efficiently without wasting time or money. We will call the right vendor for the right job. We are also experienced in dealing with local jurisdictions, code compliance and zoning and construction issues or regulations. 


Organized- We stay organized with google Chrome cloud based digital databases and To Do Lists and reminders. We use our smart phones to text and email vendors and take pictures of issues and immediately send them out via email to be addressed while on site. We waist no time! And we can always show you what we are working on and the progress we make. And we keep Tenants and Landlords informed on our progress. Staying organized means saving time and staying on task. 


Saving You Money- We enforce warranties and handle bidding to save you money and get you the best value and bang for your buck. We strive for low property maintenance cost for the benefit of both Landlords and Tenants. We also know that certain issues are either the Tenant's responsibility or Tenant reimbursable and certain invoices are refundable.  We also know about county and city grant programs and rebates for new equipment that can save you thousands of dollars. We think like an owner…always trying to save money.


Leases – We have decades of experience navigating, understand and enforcing leases of all sorts. 

CATERING-. We offer A La Carte service. So tell us what you need and we will cater our services to you.

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